Welcome to Our Multi-Level Affiliate Partner Program

Earn recurring commissions for the lifetime with three deep levels.

Refer your unique affiliate link, build your affiliate network, and commission for the lifetime from direct referrals and sub-partners activities up to three levels deep.


Commission Earned


Why is this your best job?

As an Affiliate Partner

At WeMasterTrade, when you introduce someone to our platforms through your unique referral link—be it from your website, email, or social media—and your referrals make a purchase, you'll secure lifetime credit for those customers. To further boost your sales and conversion rates, we encourage you to request and share a custom affiliate coupon through our help desk. This not only tracks customers directly to you but also enhances engagement levels. Moreover, if an existing customer utilizes your coupon code, you'll receive credit for that transaction as well as any subsequent account resets.

As an Affiliate Partner, you'll benefit from:

  • Commission Rate: Earn a generous 15% commission on your referrals.

  • Recurring Commissions: Enjoy ongoing commissions for the lifetime of each customer you refer.

  • Unique Commissions on Resets: We uniquely offer commissions on account resets, setting us apart in the affiliate marketing space.

Affiliate Partner Benefits

Our excellent conversion rates are among the best in the industry, as our plans are cheaper, rules are easier, and payouts are higher, so the people you refer are more likely to buy. We also provide statistics and conversion tracking tools in your back office.

Passive income with 3 levels deep

We are the only company that pays passive commissions on 3 levels. You receive commissions from the partners below with 15% direct customer payment, 10% from the first level commission, and 1% from the second level commission.

Commission Structure

Maximize Your Earnings

Our tiered commission structure rewards you for direct referrals and your network's activity up to three levels deep. Here’s how it breaks down:

Level 1


Earn a 15% commission on the payment value generated by traders you directly refer.

Level 2


Earn 10% of the commissions earned by your direct Sub-Partners.

Level 3


Continue to earn 1% from the commissions generated by Sub-Partners of Level 2.
Affiliate Map Affiliate Map

How it works

Your Path to Multi-Level Commissions

Begin trading in four steps

Become a Main Affiliate Partner (AP)

Sign up for our affiliate program and receive your unique referral link.

Get Your Link

Access your unique referral link from your dashboard.

Build your network

Share your link with your community. When someone signs up through your link, they become your direct Clients and Sub-Partners.

Earn Commissions

Once someone becomes your Clients and Sub-Partners, you receive a commission for the lifetime. Also, every time your Sub-Partners (up to three levels deep) earn commissions, you earn, too. The more active your network, the more benefit you get from it.

Join Our Program

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Take on the opportunity to earn through multiple levels of referrals. Become a Main Partner today, refer your community, and watch your network and earnings grow like never before.