At WeMasterTrader, we defined ourselves as an Angel Funding Project. Our approach involves hiring traders. Under our trading rules, we are proud to cover your risk, placing our trust in traders to generate profit for both parties.

We have a specialized Risk Management team that will analyze “high winning potential” orders and copy those trades in a way that boosts winning.

For instance, if a client initiates a trade with 100 Apple shares, our risk management team will copy it at a ratio of 1:4, translating to the purchase of 400 shares.

Note that we only copy trades that our experts believe will be a big success; this way, we can profit more on this project for our company and a higher profit share for traders.

Our Vision

We aim to be the #1 provider of trading education for everyone to have a solid knowledge of the financial markets.

We also strive to develop a global fund based on retail traders that will provide investors with a diversified portfolio and assist them in achieving financial independence.

Our Mission

We want to provide a healthy playing field where anyone can become a professional trader and increase their stable income.

The project is continually being developed into an international investment firm. This change will make our platform more popular to retail traders worldwide and help build a high-quality community of professional traders to

WeMasterTrade Offices

Let's boundless together to establish an international network of prosperous retail investors and develop an investment portfolio that is unmatched in the world. With offices around the world, we pick our teammates based on skill and drive, not location.

Head Office:

WeCopy Fintech Inc

744 W Hastings St #420, Vancouver, BC V6C 1A5 Canada

Education Office:

WeCopyTrade Ltd

86-90, Paul Street, London, England, EC2A 4NE

WeMasterTrade Background

WeMasterTrade is a proud member of WeCopyTrade. WeCopyTrade provides the most up-to-date service of automated copy trading for various financial instruments, which optimizes the connection between signal providers and copy investors better than any other platform.

WeCopyTrade is the heart of WeCopy Fintech Inc. - a Fintech Company in Vancouver, Canada. We aim to provide the most up-to-date service of automated copy trading for various financial instruments, which optimizes the connection between signal providers and copy investors better than any other platform. Read more

Helping You Leverage Your Returns


  • Become a professional trader with full knowledge of financial markets

  • Want to have a large amount of capital to achieve the expected profit

  • Want to trade many instruments and pay low transaction fees

  • Want to be a full-time trader and get pay well without worrying about losing money


  • Do not know how to choose the right resources to enhance trading skills

  • Do not have enough saving money to create a large trading account

  • Have to pay high transaction fees and exchange rates from traditional brokerage

  • Have to put own money into a brokerage account and 100% responsible for losses

WeMasterTrade will be a great solution where we connect the gap of your problem. You can user our capital to trade anytime, withdraw profit anywhere.

What is WeMasterTrade Program?

WeMasterTrade program is an idea of trading with a company's funds and then taking a percentage of the profits that you make. We focus and develop on the 3 key element.

Coach: With a strong support of top master traders from WeCopyTrade, and practical trading courses, we empower you to become a professional trader who can actively make money from financial market.

Trade: Unlike other providers, you must go through a long evaluation process with impractical challenges before becoming a trader. At WMT, you get funds instantly after signing up and pay a small fee.

Profit: Your profit from the transaction is higher - that will further solidify our long-term growth. If you have profits, you will receive 60% of profit earned and up to 90%. In addtion, we will cover every loss that you incur with the account.

Why choose WeMasterTrade?

WeMasterTrade offers very unique competitive advantages to our traders

Traditional Brokerage

Traditional Brokerage

Let's users to deposit money into trading accounts and trade immediately while they are lack of knowledge and no experience in trading


Our courses are designed to provide traders with up-to-date knowledge and practical skills in trading and capital management.

Traditional Brokerage

The more money traders have, the bigger the trading capital they can trade.


Use our capital to trade with Direct Market Access (DMA) and real time data. We cover your loss.
Profit Sharing

Traditional Brokerage

Traders must take full responsibility for the loss that they incurred with the traditional brokerage.


We share profit sharing for trader at the rate of 60% and up to 90% as long as they hit our profit target and maintain the profit consistency rule.

Earning with WeMasterTrade

Additional Earnings

Method 1: Condition apply

Use WMT account to copy trading signal from top master at WeCopyTrade to have a consistent profit. View more.

Method 2: Condition apply

Use WMT account to become signal provider and collect monthly subscription from signal followers at WeCopyTrade.

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