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4.7/5 (由 150 万交易者审核)
Dumisani Tshuma
May 08, 2024
Recently received my payout

Recently received my payout. It was supposed to be paid between 3-5 business days but I received it within a few hours after it was Approved. Great service and great customer support. I like this company because their instant funding model is the best in the industry . I hope it continues to thrive and grow with us.

May 06, 2024
Payout finally received after a small…

Payout finally received after a small issues with PayPal i had to switch to bank wire transfer after they received the correct details i received my payout within 24hrs!!... i have too say they have some the best customer service i seen so far my guy Alex was very responsive all the way threw !!! now i know the the company might seem to good to be true trust me i felt the same wayy..... long as you reach your profit target and have the correct profit consistency you will get your payout ...i been observing this company for months and i a haven't seen NOBODY who reach there profit target and have the correct profit consistency and didn't get their PAYOUT soo don't worry...good luck to you all!!!

Ahmed Md Raju
May 01, 2024
One of great Propfirm provider

I found that WeCopyTrade is the cheapest Propfirm that offers the most suitable and affordable challenge. Easy access and fast account credentials are provided. They provide MT5 account which allows more flexibility and user friendly. I like the platform. It is recommended for others. The also provide academic tutorials which will be helpful for beginners. I have yet to experience on withdral process since my account is still running. To be update again if required.

May 02, 2024
The account is cheap and quickly…

The account is cheap and quickly support. Whenever I have trouble, just asking them on Dashboard and get solution exactly and fast. I am happy with firm so far.

Mohammad Tahar Bahri
May 01, 2024
excellent customer service

When i found this firm , i started contacting them , asking them about the firm , instruments , how to get funded , with their excellent customer service ,got everything explained. so i decided to buy an account with them.

May 07, 2024
excellent customer service

Very good with training course to be completed with a good dashboard interface. And, also the support is very responsive.

samuel kanthiruben
April 24, 2024
beyond expectation customer service

their customer service and followup is extremely beyond expectations. im really surprised by their service. I received free bogo 25k account without asking, really appreciated. and wemastertrade instant funding offer cheap and bet in the prop firm industry. not many difficult rules, only simple rule, keep up the good work

May 08, 2024
Challange evaluation not require for…

Challange evaluation not require for WCT, it's grate for trader.

May 06, 2024
Great customer service from Alex

Great customer service from Alex; pleasant and responsive. Looking forward to passing the challenge and receiving the payout.

Song Ming Kai
April 22, 2024
Just submitted my withdrawal still…

Just submitted my withdrawal still waiting for it to approve will update once I get the fund. So far everything seem to be legal.

May 09, 2024
Good prop and very helping customers…

Good prop and very helping customers service

Møller Sørensen
May 06, 2024
Quickest service and lowest fee in funded trading.

Quickest service and low fee opportunity online, when you think of funded tradin

April 20, 2024
This company is one of the best prof…

This company is one of the best prof firms that has existed. They are supportive when you need clarity and very patient. You don't need to pass any challenge which is the best part of it. I recommend them.

Jason Michael
June 06, 2023
Very helpful and beginer friendly

Very helpful and begging friendly. Perfect for those on limited budget.

Theresa Gabica
May 06, 2024
Their customer service has been amazing…

Their customer service has been amazing which is something I can't say for most prop firms I've dealt with. Also, the instant funding is amazing if you are a trader who knows what they're doing. Instead of it taking 12% to get funded, you are now splitting that 12% with their splits which are still very generous.

Mario Tuzzo
April 09, 2024
WeCopyTrade keeps their WeKeepPromises...

WeCopyTrade keeps their promises and goes far and beyond on professionalism and making sure their customers make money in trading the markets. The customer service is very nice, professional and get the job done very quickly. If anyone wants to be successful in the markets. My number #1 go to company is WeCopyTrade.

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